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Liljans Älva

PR EC Liljans Älva DM

Black silver blotched tabby,
NFO ns 22, female

Yet another cat where we found love at first sight! OK, we had dreamt of a black silver tabby cat for quite a while, but we knew that Älva and her sister were already prebooked when we visited her breeder, so we had no hopes of finding a new girl and frankly we hoped none of the girls in the litter would feel right since we expected our first child around that time. But, there she was and both of us liked her best in the litter and way too much to leave and forget. Thanks to kind people, our favourite was suddenly available and even though the timing was not perfect, we could not let such a beauty and opportunity go :) Thank you Eva for letting us take care of the girl of our dreams!

Älva has a wonderful soft character, beautiful as a fairie and has a loud purr. When Älva was a kitten, she had some charming ideas, like chasing her own tail and carrying it around with the furry tip in her mouth as if it were a prey. She can still be found on a shelf, making funny noises with her tail in her mouth. She was growing fast and became a big cat with wonderful long body and very high legs. Her weight gain was slower but increased a lot after her second litter. What amazes us the most, is her intense look. Looking so mean and having the softest temperament is a specialty of the breed that we adore. We love her look and lengths. Besides, she has a fantastic NFO coat with superlong guard hairs and super texture with very slight silver feeling when she is in her best condition. Add to that ear tufts and not many people cares about the brownish parts... Älva is funny, cuddly and beautiful and a lap cat.

Älva got her first litter 2004 and our Enigma got the honour. They developed just great all of them. Her second litter was with S*Restless Lynx and they turned out just amazing! She managed both births by herself and we are very proud but a bit sad that we were not awake to keep her company. Gladly, she invited me to witness the birth of her third litter; father was WW09 GIC Casanova de Khazad-Dûm*F and they got six lovely kittens, our Fairies litter, born in January 2009. She finished her breeding carrer with a litter together with our young boy S*Zarkesha's Kit Kat Jam, our Watchmen litter. Those of her offspring that has been brought to shows have been successful and just before her retirement the qualifications for the Distinguished merit title was reached.

Älva has been a great show cat and she got her European champion title without problems, always with great judgements and in 21 shows she also got 12 BIV, 12 NOM and 3 BOX.

For quite some time, there were such tension in our home between Älva and our other cats. We have tried to move her around between our cat groups (fertile females/neuters/ fertile male) but finally we realised that we just had postponed the inevitable. She moved to live with friends of ours who have her son Spinner and another cat. She enjoys her life there and start to get back to normal again.

HCM test on April 21, 2005 and March 26, 2007 - Älva is classified HCM normal at the age of 2 years of age by Torkel Falk and at almost 4 years of age by Björn Åblad.
GSD IV test showed that Älva is GSD IV-normal.

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