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S*Restless Anansi

S*Restless Anansi

Brown spotted tabby with white,
NFO n 09 24, female

How could we let all of the kittens in Enigma's last litter move?! Ok, we had her half sister Tigrinya as a host cat but nevertheless we were too tempted as Anansi showed potential already as a newborn and we recognise so much from her father's family. Besides, she was that kind of kitten that seemed to have decided about her future home herself, bonding extra with Nessie and sleeping close to our other cats instead of her siblings as well as bonding with the two-legged members of the family.

Anansi has a strong and funny personality, although she can drive us temporarily crazy with her stunts and ideas. She proved to be an excellent mother with her easy birth and high birthweights on her babies. She takes perfect care of her babies, is calm, happy and has enough milk. She got her first litter together with our Kit Kat, our Firefly litter. Her second litter was together with our Tristan, the Ben&Jerry litter. Since she loves the outdoors more than anything, she got her third and last litter with a lovely Danish male, with the intent to keep a baby - our Monster High litter. Thereafter she was neutered.

HCM test on October 30, 2008 - Anansi is classified HCM normal at the age of 1 year by by Björn Åblad.
HCM test on May 30, 2011 - Anansi is classified HCM normal at the age of 3 years 8 months by by Torkel Falk.
HCM test on July 17, 2014 - Anansi is classified HCM normal at the age of 6 years 10 months by by Torkel Falk.
GSD IV tests showed that both parents of Anansi are GSD IV-normal, meaning she is as well.
Anansi is DNA tested against PK deficiency and is normal.

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