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S*Tjuvhålans Cassanova

S*Tjuvhålans Cassanova

Red silver mackerel tabby,
NFO ds 23, male neuter

When we first decided to get a cat, we agreed on finding a Norwegian forest cat. Not that we knew that much about this breed, but we thought they looked nice. I had decided on a brown mackerel tabby boy and Lars wanted a red one, and when we called on an ad in the newpaper where they had a red boy for sale, I agreed to take a look at the kitten. Of course we fell for this red, furry, cute little boy!

He got elected 'cutest male' at the cat club show, and so we decided to go to more cat shows. We then knew we had the nicest looking NFO and had to show everyone else! Well, as he grew up we realised that he was not that good looking in the eyes of the judges, but he is still the cutest! He loves (almost) everyone and is the first to say hello to visitors. Everyone falls for him as he lays on the floor on his back with a look on his face saying: "pleeeeease, cuddle my belly!"

Sadly, he passed away November 13, 2002, and the house got empty without him. We will always remember him and are so happy to have his son with us, as some remembrance.

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