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S*Just Catnap's China

S*Just Catnap's China

Black tortie spotted tabby with white,
NFO f 03 24, female neuter

She is finally here! With Kiwawa neutered, a tortie girl was just what we needed ;) Looking a bit odd amongst our other cats in her bright and uneven colouring, but China is so beautiful! We simply fell for her promising qualities and we liked her pedigree with strong-built and beautiful cats. Maybe it was a moment of weakness to allow ourselves to fall when we recently added both a male and a host cat, but at the same time we simply wanted one last girl-friend for Enigma...

China is very strong-built with a wide rib-cage, strong legs and big paws, but at the same time she has lovely lengths all over. A fine profile and chin, with a nice triangular head shape. Lovely look with green eyes and beautiful ears with triangular-shaped tufts. Nice coat quality and a long tail. Well, had she been blotched tabby we would have called her perfect ;) Her weight at 14 weeks is more than 2.1 kilos and at 4 months 2.7 kilos. She impresses us with a weight of 3.9 kilos at 6 months and 4.6 kilos at 10 months. Half a year after neutering and with an overweight due to a diet of kitten food, China's weight at 5 years of age is 7.4 kilos.

China got her first litter at one year of age and she was a remarkable mother. Her second litter was born in 2008 with CH S*Restless Mozilla as father, our Mozilla Software litter. In 2009, China got her third litter together with S*Restless Dragonforce, our Dollhouse litter. Litter number four and number five was born in 2010 and 2011 respectively and the father was our own GIC S*Restless Tristan. All her babies are special with nice type and qualities.

After five really nice litters consisting of 20 kittens, we decided to retire China and she now can enjoy life and be spoilt as the only cat in a family not far from us. She also has a chance to have a more healthy weight than in a cattery with kittens and pregnant females.

Big thanks Kerstin at S*Just Catnap's cattery for letting us take care of this 'little' princess! We are very grateful for the time we got with her and all her wonderful kittens.

HCM test on January 2, 2008 and March 17, 2010 - China is classified HCM normal at the age of 1 year 3 months of age and 3 years 6 months of age by Björn Åblad.
GSD IV test showed that China is GSD IV-normal.

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