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S*Restless Clawd Wolf

CH S*Restless Clawd Wolf

Blue blotched tabby bicolour,
NFO a 03 22, male

The temptation to keep a son of Anansi was too great to ignore since this was her last litter and we just love her babies in both character and their technical qualities. Clawd helped us choose among the boys in the litter with his sweet disposition but strong self-confidence and he just has this something extra that makes our hearts beat faster.
We are confident Clawd will fit into our cat group perfectly and his first litter was lovely both in type and character. We hope for many more.
HCM test in 2013 showing a perfectly normal heart, classified as HCM normal.

GSD IV tests of parents/grand parents show GSD IV-normal cats, so Clawd Wolf is considered GSD IV-normal.
Clawd Wolf is DNA tested against PK deficiency and is normal.

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