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S*Restless Close Encounter

S*Restless Close Encounter

Black ticked tabby with white
NFO n 09 25, male neuter

The third kitten (out of four) from our first litter... He was born screaming and fighting his older brother for food, and he still screams whenever he wants attention! Mostly he just wants us to play with him - he got his playfulness from his mother, I guess.

We just had to keep him, because he was so special! Not just the unusual colour of his, but he was (and is) so sweet. He loves to cuddle, and comes to bed to say 'goodnight' every evening and 'goodmorning' as soon as I awake. He did not turn out as nice as we hoped he would, so he is now a happy neuter. He is bigger and furrier, and our cute, cuddly but shy teddy bear!

His favourite cat in the entire world is his mother. He follows her wherever she goes and copies her every action. They look so cute together! So, when Ninett left us to live with Lars' mother, Ozzi moved with her. It was a day I never thought would come, me leaving my cuddly-bear elsewhere :( I have no idea who will fill his place, warming me on cold winter days, but I am sure we made the right decision.

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