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S*Myselisia's Cocktail

S*Myselisia's Cocktail

Black silver spotted tabby with white,
NFO ns 09 24, male neuter

Previous host cat, living with Malin Rosenberg in Helsingborg.

Co-owners: Carolina Cervin - S*Zarkesha's, carolina.cervin@home.se
and Lenka Jindrova - S*Jawora's, lenka.jindrova@sydnet.net

This sweet boy was co-owned by three breeders, which may sound strange to hear. Well, we see this as a chance to ascertain a few litters with a sweet male with a nice pedigree and promising looks. Cocktail is spoilt by his host Malin and has a new friend in Smoocha. Cocktail has got two litters so far, one in S*Zarkesha's cattery and one in S*Jawora's cattery. The kittens all look promising and beautiful. Unfortunately, we never got any litters after Cocktail ourselves.

Cocktail has a very strong body. His head is beautiful with nice straight lines and his ears are very nice in both setting and shape. His coat is super, but develop slowly in quantity.

Thank you Cecilia and Thomas for giving us this great opportunity!

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