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S*Restless Eyrie

S*Restless Eyrie

White, green-eyed,
NFO w 64, female neuter

Sometimes I wonder why I even plan matings ahead, when fate always still makes changes in these elaborate schemes of mine... When Eyrie was born, there was not a single thought that she would stay, but when she showed us those amazing eyes of hers, we must have gotten hypnotized!

Eyrie is unfortunately related to most of our other fertile girls, so her staying was not optimal for the cattery, but we decided to at least let her stay for a while for evaluation.

Eyrie has a wonderful self-confidence and knows she is special. She is curious and cuddly, social and sweet, with a funny voice and soft purr. We adore her look and she has promising type. Curious to see how she will end up, our white diva girl.

We have surely enjoyed Eyrie's company, but in the end we decided to let her be princess in her own home and hope for a suitable kitten after her mother less related to all our other cats. A tough decision... It made no sense to keep another daugher of Caramel Chew Chew.

GSD IV tests of relatives show GSD IV-normal cats, so Eyrie is considered GSD IV-normal.

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