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Garance de Ramatuelle*BE

CH Garance de Ramatuelle *BE

White, green-eyed,
NFO w 64, female

Never say never... While searching the internet for a female, unrelated to our other breeding cats, my heart started beating faster when I happened by a picture of a white beauty on the first page of a breeder. The look went straight through me and soon thereafter I happily received information she was available! But white? Oh, well - searching for a special colour (in this case a blue girl in any variety), it is just expected that I end up with something completely different...

Milou has a nice pedigree and we are confident she is a nice outcross to our other cats, and will give lovely babies. She has a very sweet character, loves to cuddle with all four family members and has a loud purr. Milou is primarily thought of as a breeding cat, but we hope she will enjoy visiting some cat shows with her new friend Naboo and us. Big thanks to Marie-CÚcile for letting us take care of your sweet snow princess!

Milou gave us lovely kittens in the Westeros litter and ScreenCats litter but due to the extensive pain she experienced when giving birth, we decided to neuter her. She had a big cyst in her uterus, so it was definitely the correct decision.

HCM test on December 3, 2012 - Milou is classified HCM normal at the age of 1 year 4 months by by Torkel Falk.
GSD IV tests of grandparents show GSD IV-normal cats, so Garance is considered GSD IV-normal.
BAER test on November 3, 2011, showed Garance to have normal hearing on both sides.
Garance is DNA tested against PK deficiency and is normal.

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