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PR IC S*Ulvborgen's Ivette

PR & IC S*Ulvborgen's Ivette

Blue with white,
NFO a 09, female neuter

Ivette is just one of those cats that constantly makes you happy! First one notices the remarkably beautiful head and look and secondly one experiences her special temperament :) She is indeed special and we are sooo glad we could oversee her colour distribution... Well, it is not something surprising to most people that we are no fans of solid coloured cats - especially not with white in the face ;) Ivette has developed really nicely and most of the weaknesses we noticed as a youngster have become immensely better and hardly even worth mentioning. Add to that a stronger body than we are used to see in girls of the bloodline after our neuter girl Pia and we are quite curious to see what will become of Ivette when she is all grown up! They do grow slowly in this bloodline and 4 kilos at 1.5 years of age is more than we dared to hope for. She even reached 4.3 kg soon thereafter and as a neuter more than two years of age she is way over 5 kilos... and a bit fat ;)

Seeing pictures of Vimsan at 1 week of age, she made an impression hard to ignore. When we felt it was time to find a new girl to continue Pia's bloodlines in our cattery and she at the same time became available again, we had to see her in real. The visit was not the least disappointing and on our first meeting, Ivette approved of us by falling asleep in my lap, lying on her back :) She has the sweetest temperament, loving all cats and she is totally relaxed when being handled anywhere. Who can resist a beautiful girl with such sweet nature?!

Ivette was meant to replace our old lady Pia in our breeding program. She is a greatgranddaughter of Pia and both mum and grandmum is born in our cattery name. She would surely have become a lovely breeding female, but with the HCM tests results of her parents, we had no choice. Anyway, we are ever so thankful to Catharina and Örjan that we get to share our every-day life with this special girl!

It's seldom one meets a kitten/cat with such charisma and self-confidence! Ivette is absolutely sure she is the center of the universe, and we are not sure she can even be in a bad mood. Always happy, always expecting everyone else to drop whatever they are doing to cuddle or play when she feels like it which gets more and more often the older she gets ;) Her specialty is to relax completely when being held lying on her back. It is like an off button, even if she were playful before :) She also fits in very well under the cattery name Restless as she just cannot stop bouncing off the walls now and then...

HCM test on April 21, 2005 - Ivette is classified HCM normal at the age of 11 months of age by Torkel Falk. A bit early, but as we checked the other girls, we brought her along as well.

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