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D*Elvdal's Jean-Paul Gaultier

D*Elvdal's Jean-Paul Gaultier

Black silver blotched tabby with white,
NFO ns 09 22, male neuter

We saw pictures of JPG as a tiny kittens and he amazed us with his funny looking ears and promising type. We had to contact his breeder to find out if he was still available and strangely enough he was. Thereafter we simply could forget about him :)

Since we found him in May, we had to wait half a year, but finally he is walking on Swedish ground! We look forward to using him in our breeding program, especially since we long have admired the cats on mummy's side. We believe JPG would make lovely kittens with all our girls but he gets only one chance. JPG has a very sweet temperament and a funny personality, being awfully curious and social. Big thanks Sylvia for everything and especially that you were willing to keep him in your home until he was allowed to move to Sweden.

Jeppson was a baby until about 1.5 years old when he finally became fertile and interested in females. He has gotten four lovely litters and has now retired so he can continue being the cuddly lap cat that he is without the stress of dominant females and neuters that does not accept him. His babies have gotten the best of him and we are quite pleased that he gives traits like long bodies, high legs, straight profiles, good chins, nice tufts and ears and sweet, curious and charming temperaments. Pictures and links to offspring will be added here soon!

We enjoyed every day with him. Alas, our other cats did not... After he was neutered, he moved to a new home where he is the only cat in the household and where he can get all that attention and cuddle that he wants. He lives in the same village still, so we can visit him as often as we wish. Jeppson is sooo happy!

HCM test on March 26, 2007 - Jean-Paul is classified HCM negative at the age of 11 months of age by by Björn Åblad. Both parents of Jean-Paul is DNA tested against GSD IV and both are normal, meaning that Jean-Paul is normal as well.

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