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S*Zarkesha's Kit Kat Jam

S*Zarkesha's Kit Kat Jam

Black silver mackerel tabby with white,
NFO ns 09 23, male neuter

After a long wait for Ginny to become pregnant and the babies to be born, the day finally came... We were thrilled when we saw the first pics of Kit Kat Jam as newborn - he simply looked meant for us! As big fans of both daddy Ramses and mummy's family, we are pleased that Kit Kat Jam ended up as a nice mix of them both.

He has an amazing penetrating look, strong body structure and boning, fine ear placement and correct coat structure. With his lovely and playful temperament, Kit Kat Jam quickly became a favourite for our youngest child.

Kit Kat Jam has a wonderful temperament, always happy, playful and purring. Simply being beautiful inside and out. He got two litters in our cattery and he gives a lot of himself to his babies.

Kit Kat Jam is GSD IV normal and classified HCM normal by Björn Åblad in November 2009.

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