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CH IDP*Street Tigers Kiwawa

CH IDP*Street Tigers Kiwawa

Black tortie mackerel tabby with white,
NFO f 09 23, female

Love at first sight! We were not supposed to get a third female that early, but what could we do when she was so good-looking, strong-built and charming that both of us fell for her in a matter of minutes?! Even if we did not plan for another cat this early, we do not feel any regrets for having her in our house - thanks to Helena & Gert for letting Isa move in with us!

The most remarkable thing with her, besides her excellent temperament, was her heavy bone structure and excellent coat quality. Isa was a cool and confident girl, being in charge of the household cats. A special lady we miss so much...

We were very pleased with her weight development. At the age of 1.5 years, her weight was very close to 4.5 kg and at three years of age, her top weight had reached 5.9 kg... OK, she was a bit fat, but at least she was equally fat in all directions ;) Her strong-built body and excellent coat quality together with her true NFO look and sweet nature made her very special, impressive and beautiful and an important part of our cattery. As all cats she has weaknesses, but she is a marvellous breeding female, producing high-quality breeding cats as well with qualities we value highly - strength and coat. For generations her strengths have been passed on.

Isa wanted to be in the center of events, and loves attention. She loved to spend time outdoors, first in our outdoor runs and later as a neuter she got to walk around freely outdoors. She was a good hunter, who talks to the deer when they pass by. Of course, occasionally less intelligent birds and mice are caught... With age, she had perfected her hunting skills so she could use a minimum of energy to catch a mouse. They say that fat cats won't hunt, but oh my they are wrong! They simply use a different strategy.

Isa's first litter consisted of two sweet boys. Her second and third litter fourth litter was with the same dad, our Enigma, and pictures can be found on our old kitten page. They are just lovely both in look and temperament. Isa and Enigma makes magic in every litter! Isa was a great and very proud mum with nice, healthy and lovely babies but when she was neutered she enjoyed her retired life, although too short.

Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions and this was one. We would gladly have spent another summer with Isa, but she was so unhappy, in so much pain and had lost a lot of weight that we decided not to let her suffer for a longer period of time. She had lots of tumours. It still hurts so much and even when she was so tired and in such pain she was the most loving girl, purring loudly, cuddling softly. It feels like the end of an era, a household without Isa. Any time is too short. We at least got ten years.

HCM test on April 21, 2005, March 26, 2007 and April 1, 2010 - Kiwawa is classified HCM normal at the age of 5 years 9 months of age by Torkel Falk, at 7 years 8 months and at 10 years 8 months of age by Björn Åblad.
GSD IV test showed that Kiwawa is GSD IV-normal.

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