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S*Zygot's Queen Margaux

S*Zygot's Queen Margaux

Black with white,
NFO n 03, female

This black and white beauty was just irresistable already at birth... Of course we all surf on the internet, follow other breeders' litters and fall for occasional kittens. Almost always it stays with admiring at a distance, but this time my interest in the qualities she already seemed to possess as a newborn coincided with Carolina's. At that moment there was no room for a four-legged newcomer in our house, so it feels like a great solution to keep her as a hostcat, living at S*Zarkesha's. Big thanks for giving us this chance and for welcoming her in your home, Carolina and Mårten!

Since we have a long-term goal with our breeding, we felt we needed an addition to the cattery with a more rounded forehead and longer tail to compensate some of the weaknesses of some of the others - and here she is! That does not mean that we have lowered our ideals in other matters - Pixie has a very promising coat quality, big ears still not fully developed, strong body (even though it does not look like it...) and wonderful body length. With big and good-looking parents, we also hope for a nicely sized girl and with a weight of 3.9 kilos at 9 months of age, she surely shows potential! Of course she has weaknesses as all cats, but we believe she will become a wonderful breeding queen! Besides, with her constant purring temperament and impressive self-confidence, she is a wonderful cat to be around! Thanks Annika for this opportunity!

Well, sometimes life and plans change. Next year we are too busy to have a host cat living so far away from us, so it was a much better solution to let Carolina be the full owner. We wish to be closely involved with our host kittens to be able to get to know them and help them finding their most suitable homes and there is no possbility to find that amount of time during 2007. Still, Pixie might give S*Zarkesha's some lovely kittens for us to work with later on... ;)

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