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S*Restless Naboo

IC S*Restless Naboo

Brown spotted tabby with white,
NFO n 09 24, female

Time passes and generations go by, and when having the opportunity to bring together so many of our old breeding cats in one and the same mating, we had to take it! Caramel Chew Chew comes from our first litter combining two cats with our prefix and he has many good qualities inherited from both parents. Bridget Jones is a daughter of a second-generation Restless-cat and she has the most marvellous character, super coat and strong NFO look. Combining these, we can in the pedigree find five cats born in our cattery (Yawning Angel, Mozilla, Tristan, Anansi, Caramel Chew Chew), four older neutered breeding cats (Enigma, Kiwawa, Älva and China), and finally, our own SC S*Animaniac's Bridget Jones. So, when these babies were born, how could we resist thinking one sweet girl could stay? When introduced to the idea, it was easy to let oneself fall in love with Naboo already at birth, which the entire family did. Such a wonderful personality and strong built girl already from the birth - it took 12 weeks before the boys caught up with her!

Naboo has a look that goes straight into my soul, her coat quality is super promising and she has very promising bone structure, proportions and chin. She fits in just perfectly in our home, family and cat group, and since she seem to want to stay, how can we disagree?

We were quite happy with the first litter of Naboo, our Thunderclan litter, but unfortunately she got a really bad case of pyometra after mating with Totte and the only way to save her life was to neuter her. We hope her offspring will pass on her legacy.

HCM test on December 3, 2012 - Naboo is classified HCM normal at the age of 1 year 4 months by by Torkel Falk.
HCM test on July 17, 2014 - Naboo is classified HCM normal at the age of 2 year 11 months by by Torkel Falk.

GSD IV tests of parents show GSD IV-normal cats, so Naboo is considered GSD IV-normal.
Naboo is DNA tested against PK deficiency and is normal.

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