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EC Lado Ninett Kongsdatter

EC Lado Ninett Kongsdatter

NFO ns, female neuter

After a summer with Cassanova as the only cat, we decided to get him a friend. At a cat show we looked at several cute girls on photos, but we found this amazing black smoke female with such intense eyes. After a few days of thinking we realised that we had to have her. She came to our home at the age of six months and was special from the first moment. She just loves to play! Whenever we happened to touch a cat toy, she came running from wherever she slept. She just could not stop! She is intense in the way of cuddling too, and she loves to hold on to our hands to clean them properly, purring constantly. She is not the most impressive NFO there is, but she has got plenty of nice qualities and her perfectly straight profile is quite outstanding, even though it could have been longer. Her pedigree is quite unusual which made us more eager using her in our breeding.

She loved to have kittens and had no problems at all giving birth. Now that she's become an 'old' lady, she thinks kittens in general are a nuisance. Instead, she has become young anew, with a playfulness we have not witnessed since before her first litter.

As we had no future breeding plans for our old lady, we decided to neuter her and now we classify her on our website as retired. Now she has gained a lot of weight and spends most of the days taking care of her son.

When Joanna was born, Ninett started to feel left out and lost a lot of weight. She is a very social cat and needs a lot of special attention. We had to make a hard decision and now she lives together with her son with Lars' mother where they are sooo spoilt.

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