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GIC S*Restless Oracle DM

PR GIC S*Restless Oracle DM

Black-tortie silver blotched tabby,
NFO fs 22, female (former hostcat)

Oracle was just a couple of weeks old when she started hypnotizing us, her breeders, with her intense look. With the same nice looks as her mother, but at the same time so different, we just could not let her move too far away. She distinguished herself early with a promising type and looks, so we hoped silently for a host. We wanted to keep her for one litter in our cattery name, and as by a miracle Carolina suggested the same thing in an email. We are very pleased with her first litter (you can find Manjari and Caraïbe at our old kittens page), and it was equally fun to see her second litter with the same dad, born in S*Zarkesha's prefix with five beautiful offspring. Some pictures of them can be found at Enigma's offspring pages, litter 5.

Oracle has been to several cat shows and she gets nice judgements and results. As all cats, she has weaknesses like her size, chin and tail length, but instead she wins on her look, harmony and coat structure and has reached the title Grand International Champion to add to her Distinguished Merit-title.

Visit Smilla at the homepage of her owner, S*Zarkesha's.

After two litters consisting of a total of seven kittens, six reached the International Champion- or Premier-title, so Oracle got a Distinguished Merit-title! The offspring are: IC S*Restless Manjari, IC S*Zarkesha's Bossanova Baby, IC S*Zarkesha's Beautiful Surprise, IP & IC S*Zarkesha's Boogie Man, IP S*Zarkesha's Bebopalula and IC S*Zarkesha's Big Bopper.

Oracle has gotten two litters under her owner's prefix, the B-litter and the E-litter.

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