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IC (N)Laksjøen's Pia

IC (N)Laksjøen's Pia

Black tortie silver mackerel tabby,
NFO fs 23, female neuter

We searched for some time after a second breeding queen and dreamt of a silver girl. In Norway we found our silver tortie girl with an unusual and interesting pedigree! She had all the lengths Ninett lacked: Long body, longer profile, long guard hairs. She slowly grew into a fine sized female with an amazingly intense look and great coat quality with long guard hairs. Pia has developed slowly, but at older age she got more robust and strong. Her top weight so far is 4.3 kilos, but she has more to give and probably will so now that she is neutered. Her wooly part of coat has also developed slowly, but at older age she shows a big coat and she is just so beautiful. We are pleased with Pia's qualities and even if she has weaknesses (don't they all?!), she mostly gave her strength in look and coat to her offspring.

Her temperament is nice and her specialty is to think loudly to let us know how she feels. Well, the more interesting specialty may be that she wags her tail more and more the happier she is and with a look that seems meaner the happier she is as well, one can be quite confused seeing her in her best mood ;)

We were pleased with her three litters, but unfortunately they grow slowly too. Some of the girls seem to become smaller than Pia - and some larger, like Frost - so it seems as if the size is there genetically somewhere. The boys are always nicely sized, though! Why not take a look at them at our old kittens page, litters Matrix, Buffy and Bond? Pia is a very special mum, who constantly lectured her young ones. Hunting prey is very important to teach the young ones and thus she brings in mice from the cat run if she can find any. If not, she carries dry food in her mouth and puts on the floor amongst the young ones...

Pia has always had trouble adjusting for the variation in rank that is natural in a cattery with more than one fertile female. She has a wonderful, sweet nature and temperament, but when she feels unsure, that is, when another female is expecting/having kittens, she just wants to be left alone. As several of her beautiful offspring are/have been used in breeding, we felt that she had contributed enough to the gene pool and it is not more than fair that she can spend the rest of her life calm, not worrying about who is the boss, so we decided to neuter her. Unfortunately, the struggle between Pia and Kiwawa did not end even after her neutering, so we are quite sad to admit that the best way to make all our cats and family happy was to let Pia be the only cat in a household: she moved to a lady and spent her days purring. Unfortunately, she got ill during summer and we lost her, way too early. She deserved a longer retirement... We miss her a lot.

HCM test on April 21, 2005 - Pia is classified HCM normal at the age of 7 years of age by Torkel Falk. She had a comment on enlargened papillary muscles on the protocol, but due to her age it was considered 'normal'.

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