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S*Restless Tigrinya

S*Restless Tigrinya

Brown mackerel tabby with white,
NFO n 09 23, female

We just had to keep Kiwawa's last daughter in our cattery in one way or another! Her sister Yawning Angel got such fantastic kittens in our cattery and when Tigrinya showed even more potential as a kitten than her sisters, we could not resist her. Tigrinya has a strong personality, tougher than her brothers and with an intense look which we simply love. Her coat quality is just perfect and she has a promising body type (strong and long), head (triangular and straight with strong chin) and she proved to be a great mother with her first litter.

As the second ultrasound heart scanning showed that one of the heart walls had become thicker since her first test, we decided together with the veterinarian that Tigrinya would be retired early from breeding.

Big thanks to Emely and Andreas who takes perfect care of Tigrinya and we wish her a long and happy life as a neutered girl.

HCM test on October 15, 2007 - Tigrinya is classified HCM normal at the age of 1 year of age by Björn Åblad.
HCM test on March 17, 2010 - Tigrinya is classified HCM equivocal at the age of 3 year 8 months of age by Björn Åblad.
GSD IV test showed that both parents of Tigrinya are GSD IV-normal, meaning that Tigrinya is as well.

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