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S*Restless Tristan

GIC S*Restless Tristan

Brown blotched tabby,
NFO n 22, male neuter

When searching for the most suitable partner for Älva, we wanted to find a completely unrelated male, complementing Älva nicely, as we hoped to keep a male kitten in the cattery. Mummy Älva was six years of age and this was her third litter, so we hoped to be able to keep an offspring before her retirement. We were quite happy and lucky to let our sweet girl meet Casanova, then a lovely young male with strong body, classic NFO look and lots of coat. As soon as Tristan was born, we knew he was the one.

Tristan has mummy's intense look, a long and straight profile, promising triangle and good-looking ears. Being a great mix of mum and dad he got nice bone structure and proportions in body, a fine tail and nice coat structure. His character is adorable as he is constantly happy and sweet. The cute chirrups he makes when he wants to tell us something and the tail-waving when we say his name is quite special.

Tristan got his first litter in 2010 together with S*Just Catnap's China and the kittens had nice strong type and lovely temperaments. Thereafter he met S*Restless Anansi and got his second litter. His third litter was also born in 2010 and together with SC S*Animaniac's Bridget Jones he got his third litter. In 2011 we repeated the combination with S*Just Catnap's China, his fourth litter. Tristan also got one litter in S*Animaniac's cattery in 2011 together with the mother of our sweet SC S*Animaniac's Bridget Jones. Tristan has gotten quite promising offspring and was a quite excellent breeding male. Since we had kept a daughter and grand-daughter after him in our cattery and had no other plans for him in our cattery, he became a neuter in late May 2012.

Tristan's parents are both tested GSD IV normal and HCM normal.
At ultrasound on March 17, 2010, Tristan was declared HCM normal at the age of 1 year 2.5 months of age by Björn Åblad and on February 13, 2012, at 3 years of age, Torkel Falk classified him as HCM normal.
Tristan is DNA tested against PK deficiency and is normal.

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