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S*Restless Willow

S*Restless Willow

Brown blotched tabby,
NFO n 22, female

Willow is Willow. If you have met her, I'm sure you know what I mean. There are cuddly cats - and there was Willow, the cuddliest and sweetest of them all. There are cats easy to handle - and there was Willow, acting like she had no muscles or will. She loved everyone, cat as human. We have never met a kitten who was so cuddly and calm at such early age. So, there was no wonder that she stayed at our home - there was no way we could let her go!

So, it hurts so much to write these lines to tell that she no longer is with us after some time of sickness. We miss her cuddling and kisses and hugs and sweetness.

Willow was a very special girl, with a personality unlike all others. A very social cat who prefered human company. She slept next to the pillow at night, often with her head on my arm and woke me up now and then for some cuddling. The habit of kissing as a greeting was so sweet! Her talking consisted of funny chirrups. When Älva moved in, Willow took great care of her so we understood that she would have made a wonderful mum, would she have gotten babies of her own. She also raised her half-siblings from 6-12 weeks and taught them to cuddle :)

We will never regret that we kept this special girl and we are very grateful for the time we got with her. Even if she was not the flashiest forest cat there was, she was marvellous.

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