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S*Restless Wolverine

S*Restless Wolverine

Brown mackerel tabby,
NFO n 23, male neuter
Owner: Agneta Lööv with family

When old plans fail, new plans are formed... Wolverine was a major player in our next attempt to keep a girl with our cattery name but how often do plans succeed?!

When a nice family showed interest in welcoming a male as a hostcat in their home, the tough decision was to choose amongst the lovely three in Älva's litter together with Enigma... But, Myzak was the one with strongest boning :) He has been shown as a youngster a few times and with lovely judgements and nice results. We are quite pleased with his development! Wolverine seems to become a strong-built male of quite nice size and with lovely coat. Besides, he is just sweet and kind and cuddly as a teddy-bear and loves all cats even if he lives without cat friends.
After he had met his first girlfriend, he became extremely fertile in no time, and thus had to be neutered on very short notice. We are quite sad as we had hoped to keep him fertile for a longer time than this. Unfortunately he never managed to mate the female either as she fell over as soon as he bit her neck, so he will never become a dad :(

Now he is owned entirely by his family.

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