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S*Restless Yawning Angel

SC S*Restless Yawning Angel

Brown mackerel tabby with white,
NFO n 09 23, female

Previous host cat, living in S*Kiss-Curl's cattery

When we decided to neuter Annie's mother Kiwawa, we still had a wish to continue with her bloodline. As Yawning Angel already was reserved by another breeder, we did not think this possible, but we are immensely grateful that Elsie would let Annie have 2 litters in our breeding name!

Annie exceeds our expectations in looks and development. She is lovely in all ways, and has a sweet character. A strong-willed girl with lots of ideas, just like her mum. She has a wonderful coat texture, a wild look and strong bonestructure - just wonderful! At ten months of age, her weight was 3.9 kg, so it seems she will grow into a strong built girl like her mum and she is already longer and higher. At 1.5 years of age she's about 4.5 kg and still growing :)

Annie got two litters in our cattery name, but unfortunately there was no girl for us to keep as we had hoped. Still, all the twelve boys in her two litters in our cattery name are all lovely in type and we seem to have succeeded in keeping the qualities we like so much from Kiwawa: wonderful coat and strong bone structure. They also have a very soft and sweet temperament. Cryptonomicon was Best in Show on his first two shows and was Best of Best in category II :) It will be a pleasure to follow some of the boys in her second litter on cat shows in the future. Now when her second litter is leaving our home, Annie will belong fully to her host and we wish Elsie the best of luck with Annie and her kittens in the future!

Both parents of Yawning Angel are DNA tested against GSD IV and they are both normal, meaning that Yawning Angel is as well.

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