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The quotes below (if given) are intended to give a general impression of the cat, and are not necessarily the best quote from each show. The quotes are in their original language, and are verbatim.

For explanations of the various abbreviations, visit this page.

2011-06-18AlingsåsÅsa Hammarlund1(2) BISLitter
2011-06-18AlingsåsRaymond SaetreEx1Nevermind
2011-06-18AlingsåsAnne KøhnEx1 BIV 3-10 NOMZooropa
2011-06-19AlingsåsAnne KøhnEx1 BIV NOM BISNevermind
2011-07-03Brejning (DK)Jørgen BillingEx1 BIV NOM BISNevermind
2011-08-07Tune (DK)Raymond SaetreEx1 BIV NOMNevermind
2011-08-27KristiansandNurit PahlEx1 BIV 3-10 NOMAchtung Baby
2011-08-27Vantaa (FI)Sirpa LindelövEx1 BIV NOM BISZooropa
2011-08-27KristiansandMarie WesterlundEx1Achtung Baby
2011-08-28Vantaa (FI)Tellervo KassEx1 NOMZooropa (3-3)
2011-09-03SkørpingMinna KroghEx1 BIV NOMNevermind
2011-09-04SkørpingJette-Eva MadsenEx1 BIVNevermind
2011-09-10Pinneberg (DE)Svetlana StoliarovaEx1 NOM BISNevermind
2011-09-11Pinneberg (DE)Ietje Röhr-DubbeldEx1 BIV NOM BISNevermind
2011-09-25Viby (DK)Minna KroghEx1 BIV NOM BIS JWNevermind
2011-10-08Kverneland (NO)Marino KootEx1 BIV-total NOMAchtung Baby
2011-10-08Jyväskylä (FI)Elena ZagorskayaEx1Zooropa
2011-10-09Kverneland (NO)Yan Roca FolchEx1 BIV-total NOMAchtung Baby
2011-10-09Jyväskylä (FI)Marc CrastucciEx1 BIV NOMZooropa
2011-10-23Kolding (DK)Grazyna Laskowska-MalagaEx1 NOM BISNevermind
2011-10-29/30Poznan WS2011 (PL)Eva PoratEx1(6) BIVNevermind
2011-11-05Oslo (N)Lene GlemEx1(3)Achtung Baby
2011-11-06Oslo (N)Yan Roca-FolchEx2(2)Achtung Baby
2011-11-12Tallinn (EE)Martin SandaEx1Zooropa
2011-11-13Tallinn (EE)KomissarovaEx1 BIV NOM BISZooropa
2011-11-26Vorbasse (DK)Yan Roca FolchEx1 BIV NOM BISNevermind
2011-11-26Turku (FI)Veikko SaarelaEx1Zooropa
2011-11-27Vorbasse (DK)Louis CosteEx1Nevermind
2011-11-27Turku (FI)?Ex1 NOMZooropa
2011-12-04Copenhagen (DK)Aliosha RomeroEx1 BIV 6-10+A NOM BISNevermind
2011-12-10Vantaa (FI)IvankovaEx1Zooropa
2011-12-10Oslo (NO)Åsa HammarlundEx2(2)Achtung Baby
2011-12-11Vantaa (FI)Geir EdvardsenDisqZooropa
2011-12-11Oslo (NO)Michael EdströmEx2(3)Achtung Baby
2012-01-29Køge (DK)Charles SpijkerCAC BIV NOM BISNevermind
2012-03-10Rødovre (DK)Raymond SaetreCAC(4)Nevermind
2012-03-10Rødovre (DK)Bette LindCAC(3) ChampionNevermind
2012-03-10Rødovre (DK)Anne KøhnCACIBNevermind
2012-03-17Oslo (NO)Maria RihovaCACAchtung Baby
2012-03-18Oslo (NO)Angelica KneifelEx2Achtung Baby
2012-04-06Stavanger (NO)Albert KurkowskiEx2Achtung Baby
2012-04-07Stavanger (NO)Sarah JohnsonCAC NOM BISAchtung Baby
2012-04-14MalmöJörgen BillingCACIBNevermind
2012-04-15MalmöÅsa HammarlundCACIB ICNevermind
2012-08-25Kristiansand (NO)Charles SpijkerCAC ChampionAchtung Baby
2012-08-26Kristiansand (NO)Christin LutkenCACIB NOMAchtung Baby
2012-10-06Kirkkonummi (FI)Anne VelandCAC Champion BIVZooropa
2012-10-07Kirkkonummi (FI)Tellervo KassCACIBZooropa
2012-11-27? (FI)Dorte KaaeCACIB, BIS breeding maleZooropa
2013-02-23Tallinn (EE)?CACIB IC NOMZooropa
2013-02-24Tallinn (EE)?CAGCIBZooropa
2013-03-02Nykøbing (DK)Lone LundCAGCIB BIV NOM BISNevermind

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