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The quotes below (if given) are intended to give a general impression of the cat, and are not necessarily the best quote from each show. The quotes are in their original language, and are verbatim.

For explanations of the various abbreviations, visit this page.

2011-01-29ÖrebroLuigi ComorioEx1 BIV 3-10 NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2011-02-12MölndalHannah JensenEx1 BIV 3-6+A NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2011-03-12OsloJørgen BillingEx1(5) BIV NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2011-03-13OsloHenry HornellEx1(5) BIV NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2011-04-09MalmøFabrice CalmesEx1Caramel Chew Chew
2011-04-10MalmøAnne KøhnEx1 BIV NOM BIS JWCaramel Chew Chew
2011-05-07EksjöCharles SpijkerEx1 BIV NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2011-05-08EksjöKristiina RautioEx1 BIV-total NOMCaramel Chew Chew
2011-05-21BohusSteven JonesEx1 BIV 6-10+A NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2011-05-22BohusVeikko SaarelaEx1 BIV 6-10+A NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2011-06-18AlingsåsRaymond SaetreEx1 NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2011-06-19AlingsåsAnne KøhnEx1 BIV 6-10+A NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2011-08-27BoråsSatu HämäläinenCAC BIV NOMCaramel Chew Chew
2011-08-28BoråsHannah JensenCAC BIV 6-10+A NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2011-09-03Västra FrölundaDorte KaaeCAC ChampionCaramel Chew Chew
2011-09-03Västra FrölundaMagdalena KudraCACIB NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2011-09-10/11Uppsala (SW)Vesna Riznar-ReseticCACIBCaramel Chew Chew
2011-11-05Oslo (N)Lene GlemCACIB ICCaramel Chew Chew
2011-11-06Oslo (N)Yan Roca-FolchEx2Caramel Chew Chew
2011-12-03GöteborgEva PoratCAGCIBCaramel Chew Chew
2011-12-04GöteborgEiwor AnderssonCAGCIB BIS-breeding maleCaramel Chew Chew
2012-05-04AlingsåsMagdalena KudraCAGCIB BIV NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2012-05-05AlingsåsEva PoratCAGCIBCaramel Chew Chew
2012-06-16Vrå (DK)Hannah JensenCAGCIB BIV NOM BIS BOBCaramel Chew Chew
2012-06-17Vrå (DK)Britta BusseCAGCIB BIV NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2012-09-08/09Stavanger SW-show (NO)Henry HornellCAGCIB GICCaramel Chew Chew
2012-09-15GöteborgAnnelie PerssonCACECaramel Chew Chew
2012-09-16GöteborgÅsa HammarlundCACE BIV NOM BIS BOB-totalCaramel Chew Chew
2013-05-11AlingsåsJörgen BillingCACECaramel Chew Chew
2013-05-12AlingsåsHannah JensenCACE BIV NOMCaramel Chew Chew
2013-05-25GöteborgHannah JensenCACE BIV NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2013-05-26GöteborgFrancoise DuboisCACECaramel Chew Chew
2013-06-29ForshagaÅsa HammarlundCACE NOMCaramel Chew Chew
2013-06-30ForshagaRaymond SaetreCACECaramel Chew Chew
2013-09-28Västra FrölundaMario OttinoCACSCaramel Chew Chew
2013-09-29Västra FrölundaHannah JensenCACS NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2013-10-26/27Aalborg WW showRaymond SaetreCACS Supreme ChampionCaramel Chew Chew
2014-02-08MölndalKristiina RautioHP BIV NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2014-05-03Gislaved?HP BIV-total NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew
2014-05-24GöteborgAnne VelandHPCaramel Chew Chew
2014-05-25GöteborgJørgen BillingHP BIV NOM BISCaramel Chew Chew

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