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Diary: Litter James Bond

Week 8

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Stephenson litter at 7 weeks of age

Week 5

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Stephenson litter at 4 weeks of age

Week 4

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Stephenson litter at 3 weeks of age

Week 1

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Stephenson litter at 5 days of age

Annie is a super mum with loads of milk for her boys. They grow so much bigger for each day! It is fun to see that the four brothers look so much like each other.


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We were happy to see that Annie had no troubles whatsoever to give birth to three very big kittens and she took good care of them from start. She seemed finished after those three and as everything was calm, we left home for a couple of hours. When we came home again, we found two more kittens, though... Annie was busy eating the last placenta, and both kittens were dry and seemed perfectly fine. We hardly could believe the weights of the little ones, so we checked both kittens and the scales several times, but still, the five had weights betwen 140-160 grams!

We were so sad to see that the only girl in the litter refused to eat both from her mother and from us (replacement milk), so she got weaker and weaker and we had to take her to the vet.