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Diary: Web Browsers

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All eight in one place
Explorer, Galeon, Mozilla, Mosaic
Nexus, Lynx, Safari, Konqueror

12 weeks

A rather abandoned diary, but that does not mean the kittens are not doing just fine and becoming more and more beautiful for each day :) After updating pictures of eight kittens each week, there has not been much energy left to update any text in the diary... In all, this is one of the sweetest litters of ours ever, with kittens purring all day (when they are awake and not playing, that is...), sleeping in our laps and in general just being such cuties :) They fall over on their backs when spoken to and purrrrr through the photo sessions. Besides, they are good-looking as well! We think we dare say that some of our best kittens (technically) are to be found amongst these boys. Only time will tell! Strong boning, super coats, straight profiles and strong chins, wonderful ears and super personalities... It will be tough to let all of them go to their new homes, but we are confident we have found them just the right homes, all of them. Lynx is helping me write this, but most of the time it's Mozilla who keeps me company at the computer ;)

6 weeks

It is not easy taking pictures of tiny kittens when they are constantly attacked by two BIG kittens by the names Phoenix and Ivette... So, if you think the kittens look a bit frightened, it might be because the second after one of the big wild ones landed on the poor little one...

They are eating well and using the litter boxes. Still cuddly and sweet and relaxed, but it usually changes around 7 weeks of age when they discover that the world is big...

We are happy with the development of the entire litter and they are just a joy to have :)

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All eight in a basket
Clockwise, starting at the brown on top:
Mozilla, Mosaic, Safari, Explorer, Konqueror,
Nexus, Galeon, Lynx (in the middle)

5 weeks

Sorry about the bad light and colours on the pictures this week. I tried to use the natural light to show their look a bit better, but our winter sun is set so low it wasn't such a good idea :( Also, it started disappearing before I had taken pictures of them all...

Thought I might write some lines about each kitten this week. They are still all very social and sweet and promising :)

Explorer: a sweet boy who is a bit more thoughful and careful than his brothers and with a look that says "please, take care of me!" :) Nice strong body, straight profile and a tiny, tiny white tailtip.
Galeon: Talkative boy who still have not figured out how to eat dry food and is a bit behind in size and development because of that. Very active and social with a straight profile and promising development.
Konqueror: At the moment the biggest and strongest in body/legs but still with lengths all over. Looong tufts on his ears. Kind boy with nice look, straight profile and very promising ears.
Lynx: Always purring :) Totally relaxed when being handled. Very promising development in body and head, straight profile, nice chin, strong boning.
Mosaic: A boy with lots of charisma and already acting a bit as a diva... He knows he is beautiful and wants to be treated special. Still, a purring and sweet temperament. Very promising development with the straightest lines in head and now that he is eating dry food he gets stronger for each day in body.
Mozilla: Purring boy with a very relaxed manner and a look that is hard to let go :) Straight profile, strong chin and promising ears. The smallest at birth but soon he was one of the heaviest with his strong body.
Nexus: Looking a bit funny with ears too big to fit the head. He has less coat than the others but a heavy and strong body and nice head shape. Social boy. Well, they all are...
Safari: So kind and sweet he almost would not be noticed if he did not crawl into laps, asking for cuddle :) Looking a bit short all over at the moment, but wonderful development of type nonetheless. Strong body, straight profile and nice ear setting and shape.

4 weeks

Still a bit funny-looking but temperaments to die for... How often do one meet kittens under four weeks of age that purrs so loudly every time they are handled?! When lift up they relax completely and held lying on their backs they paw in the air and purr, purr, purr... The worst purrer of them all is Mozilla who started trying to hypnotise us with his loud purr less than two weeks old. He will be tough to let go :( A beautiful and sweet bunch of boys who do their best to comfort us that none of them was a girl ;) They have started eating and learning how to use the litter box.

3 weeks

The eight brothers are doing just fine. A bit behind in weight as we did not give anything extra their first week of life, but they are full of life and have round bellys so they are doing just fine. We are very pleased that everyone in the litter have straight profiles to the touch. Their ears look a bit funny (as did the ones on our x-men litter), but it's just that they are a bit too wide to fit on their a bit too small heads for their age, so they are folded in all directions. They will be fine in the end :)

We already see that the babies have wonderful temperaments! They purr when being handled (and Mozilla started already before 2 weeks of age...) and they are very sweet. The most talkative kittens we have had so far.

Of course we have already a couple of favourites in the litter, based both on looks and cuddliness :) Mozilla stole my heart when he purred in my hand, lying on his back, 13 days old... A calm boy with wonderful looks. Mosaic is just gorgeous. It was clear from their first day. He's our blue little lion. Some are a bit funny-looking but they will surely all turn out pretty nice in the end.

Day 1

Big surprise - Annie's huge stomach was filled with boys... Cannot say I'm that pleased with eight boys when it was our second and last try to get a daughter after our host cat Annie, but as last time, Annie is a great mum and she got through the day purring from beginning to end. The eight boys had good weights considering the size of the litter!

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Yawning Angel and her litter of eight

Annie in Denmark

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Late Autumn, 2004
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