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The quotes below (if given) are intended to give a general impression of the cat, and are not necessarily the best quote from each show. The quotes are in their original language, and are verbatim.

For explanations of the various abbreviations, visit this page.

2008-02-09MölndalBette LindEx13rd best 3-6 (BIS3) - Anansi
2008-03-08? (DE)?Ex1Sandman
2008-03-09Paderno Dugnano (IT, WCF)?Ex1 NOMStardust (Special prize)
2008-03-30JönköpingRolf VoehringerEx1(3)Anansi
2008-03-29Chiassi (CH, WCF)D. LuconiEx1 NOM BIS 6-10 BIS kitten slhStardust (special prize, 2nd Best General kitten)
2008-03-30Chiassi (CH, WCF)L. GhirimoldiEx1Stardust
2008-04-12MalmöGeir EdvardsenEx2(3)Anansi
2008-04-13MalmöUlrike WahlEx2(2)Anansi
2008-04-27StenkullenKristiina RautioEx1 BIV NOMAnansi (2 votes)
2008-05-10Vertemate (IT, WCF)Florance BajouEx1 NOM BOX 6-10Stardust
2008-05-11Vertemate (IT, WCF)Antonello BardellaEx1 NOM BOX 6-10Stardust (Special prize)
2008-05-18UlricehamnHannah JensenEx3(3)Anansi
2008-09-06EskilstunaUlrika OlssonEx2Coraline
2008-09-14Desenzano (IT)?CAC NOMStardust
2008-09-27Novegro (IT)?CACStardust
2008-09-28Novegro (IT)?CAC Champion NOM BISStardust (Special prize)
2008-10-05Tortona (IT)Donatella LuconiCACIB NOMStardust
2014-02-08MölndalWayne TrevathanCAPAnansi

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