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The quotes below (if given) are intended to give a general impression of the cat, and are not necessarily the best quote from each show. The quotes are in their original language, and are verbatim.

For explanations of the various abbreviations, visit this page.

2012-12-08Firenze (IT)Loredana FanelliEx1 BIV NOMHoodude Voodoo
2012-12-09GöteborgLuigi ComorioEx2(2)Clawd Wolf
2012-12-09GöteborgLuigi ComorioEx1(2)Toralei Stripe
2012-12-22Verona (IT)OttinoEx2Hoodude Voodoo
2012-12-23Verona (IT)ComorioEx1Hoodude Voodoo
2013-01-05Padova (IT)OttinoEx1Hoodude Voodoo
2013-01-12Locarno (IT)CalmesEx1 BIV-total NOMHoodude Voodoo
2013-01-13Locarno (IT)CosteEx1 NOMHoodude Voodoo
2013-01-19Bologna (IT)Karl PreissEx1Hoodude Voodoo
2013-01-20Bologna (IT)Anne VelandEx1Hoodude Voodoo
2013-01-26Athens (GR)Nurit PahlEx1 BIV NOM BISHoodude Voodoo
2013-01-27Athens (GR)Marie WesterlundEx1 BIV NOM BISHoodude Voodoo
2013-02-02ÖrebroLena BjörkanderEx1Clawd Wolf
2013-02-03Siena (IT )Luigi ComorioEx1 BIV NOMHoodude Voodoo
2013-02-09MölndalLene GlemEx1 BIV 3-10 #2 TOP5 3-6Clawd Wolf
2013-04-21MalmöAlexey ShchukinEx1Clawd Wolf
2013-05-04Brno (CZ)?Ex1 NOMHoodude Voodoo
2013-05-05Brno (CZ)Anne VelandEx1 BIV NOM BIS BOBcatII BOB4Hoodude Voodoo
2013-05-11AlingsåsJörgen BillingEx1(3) BIV 3-10 NOMClawd Wolf
2013-05-12AlingsåsHannah JensenEx2(3)Clawd Wolf
2013-05-25GöteborgHannah JensenEx1 BIVInvisi Billy
2013-06-22Olsztyn (PL)Robert LubranoCACToralei Stripe
2013-08-24Longarone (BL)Linda SviksaCACHoodude Voodoo
2013-08-25Longarone (BL)Gina GrobCAC NOMHoodude Voodoo
2013-09-28Västra FrölundaMario OttinoCAC NOMClawd Wolf
2013-09-29Västra FrölundaHannah JensenCACClawd Wolf
2013-09-29Casale MonFerratoPruchniakCAC CH NOMHoodude Voodoo
2013-10-13Busto ArsizioRobert LubranoEx2Hoodude Voodoo
2013-10-26Aalborg WS (DK)Raymond SaetreEx3Hoodude Voodoo
2013-12-07GøteborgFabio BrambillaCAC ChampionClawd Wolf
2013-12-08GøteborgMira FonzénCACIBClawd Wolf
2013-12-22VillorbaYan Roca FolchCACIB NOMHoodude Voodoo
2013Skogkatt of the Year; #4 Kittens Hoodude Voodoo
2014-02-01Hollabrunn (AT)?CACIB BIV NOM BISHoodude Voodoo
2014-02-02Hollabrunn (AT)?CACIB IC NOM BISHoodude Voodoo
2014-02-08MölndalKristiina RautioCACIBClawd Wolf
2014-02-22RovigoGianfranco MantovaniCAGCIBHoodude Voodoo
2014-02-23RovigoThea FriskovecCAGCIB NOMHoodude Voodoo
2014-03-29BratislavaBrambillaCAGCIBHoodude Voodoo
2014-03-30BratislavaSteph BruinCAGCIB BIV NOMHoodude Voodoo
2014-04-26BrnoEric ReijersCAGCIBHoodude Voodoo
2014-04-27BrnoBrambillaCAGCIB GIC NOMHoodude Voodoo
2014-06-14BratislavaEric ReijersCACS BIV NOMHoodude Voodoo
2014-06-15BratislavaElisabeth SteinhauserCACS BIV NOMHoodude Voodoo
2014-09-20Trieste (IT)FonsenCACS BIV NOMHoodude Voodoo
2014-09-21Trieste (IT)MastrangeloCACS BIV NOMHoodude Voodoo
2014-10-25Prague (CZ) (WS)Hannah JensenEx2Hoodude Voodoo
2015-01-10San Bonifacio (VR)OttinoCACSHoodude Voodoo
2015-01-11San Bonifacio (VR)ReijersCACS BIV NOMHoodude Voodoo

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