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The quotes below (if given) are intended to give a general impression of the cat, and are not necessarily the best quote from each show. The quotes are in their original language, and are verbatim.

For explanations of the various abbreviations, visit this page.

2006-11-18Wickede (D, IDP-show)?Best in ShowMemento (Sonderschau NFO)
2006-11-25Åbo (FI)Marie WesterlundEx1Desperado
2006-11-26Åbo (FI)Pia NymanEx1Desperado
2006-12-02Essen (D, IDP-show)?Best in ShowMemento
2006-12-02Madrid (ES)Tatjana MelgaiEx1(3) NOM BISSyriana
2006-12-03Madrid (ES)Lena NordströmEx1(3) BIV NOM BISSyriana
2007-01-13Graulhet (FR)Gianfranco MantovaniEx1 NOM BISSyriana
2007-01-14Graulhet (FR)Lili AnciauEx1 BIV-total NOM BISSyriana
2007-01-14Lünen (D, IDP-show)?NominatedMemento
2007-01-27Lahti (FIN)Elena ZagorskayaEx1 BIV 3-10 NOMDesperado
2007-01-27Bordeaux (FR)Miriam Klein GasbarriEx1 NOM BIS Junior WinnerSyriana
2007-01-28Lahti (FIN)Tellervo KassEx1Desperado
2007-01-28Bordeaux (FR)Stephen JonesEx1 BIV NOMSyriana (3 votes of 7)
2007-02-03Guimaraes (PT)Yan Roca-FolchEx1 BIV NOM BISSyriana (3 votes of 3)
2007-02-04Guimaräes (PT)Miriam Klein GasbarriEx1 BIV NOM BISSyriana (3 votes of 3)
2007-02-17Jyväskylä (FI)Bette LindEx1 BIVDesperado
2007-02-18Jyväskylä (FI)Charles SpijkerEx1 BIV 6-10+A NOM BISDesperado
2007-02-24Gelsenkirchen (D, IDP-show)?Best in ShowMemento
2007-03-03Torrelavega (ES)Svetlana StoliarovaEx1 BIV-total NOMSyriana (lost on casting vote)
2007-03-04Torrelavega (ES)Rolf VoehringerEx1 BIV-totalSyriana
2007-03-10Seinäjoki (FI)Dorte KaaeEx1 BIV 6-10+A NOM BISDesperado
2007-03-11Seinäjoki (FI)Hanne-Sofie SneumEx1 BIV 6-10+A NOM BISDesperado
2007-03-24Arruda Dos Vinhos (PT)Fabio BrambillaEx1 BIV 3-10 NOMSyriana (1 vote of 4)
2007-03-25Arruda Dos Vinhos (PT)Dieter FillerEx1 BIV 3-10Syriana
2007-04-01Dortmund (D, IDP-show)?Ex1Memento
2007-04-21Helsingfors (FI)Henry HornellEx1 BIV 3-10 NOM BISDesperado (7 of 12)
2007-04-22Helsingfors (FI)Tatjana Malgaj-BeccariEx1 NOM BIS JWDesperado (5 of 11)
2007-04-28Madrid (ES)Geir EdvardsenEx1(4) BIV NOMSyriana (best female, lost on drawing of lots)
2007-04-29Madrid (ES)Mario OttiniEx1 BIV NOM BISSyriana
2007-05-05Kuopio (FI)Marek ChadajEx1 BIV 3-10 NOM BISDesperado
2007-05-06Kuopio (FI)Grazyna Laskowska-MalagaEx1 BIV 3-10 NOM BISDesperado
2007-05-19Tampere (FI)Francoise MilcentEx1 BIV 3-10 NOM BISDesperado (6 of 10 votes)
2007-05-20Tampere (FI)Minna KroghEx1 BIV 3-10 NOM BISDesperado
2007-06-02HyvinkääBette LindCAC BIV NOM BISDesperado
2007-06-17Duisburg (D, IDP-show)?CAC NOMMemento
2007-07-06? (FI)Charles SpijkerCAC BIV NOMDesperado (1 vote of 4)
2007-07-07? (FI)Albert KurkowskiCAC Champion Desperado
2007-07-28Helsingfors (FI)Eva PoratCACIB BIV NOM BOXDesperado
2007-07-29Helsingfors (FI)Britt-Maria JohanssonCACIBDesperado
2007-08-18Tallinn (EST)O. SizovaCACIB IC BIV 6-10+A NOMDesperado (1 vote of 4)
2007-08-19Tallinn (EST)E. ZagorsjajaCAGCIB BIV 6-10+A NOM BISDesperado
2007-09-01Tammerfors (FI)Pia NymanCAGCIB BIV NOM BOXDesperado
2007-09-02Tammerfors (FI)Bette LindCAGCIB BIV-total NOM BOXDesperado
2007-10-20Vantaa (FI)Bjarne WikströmCAGCIBDesperado
2007-10-21Vantaa (FI)Veikko SaarelaCAGCIBDesperado
2007-10-28Eindhoven (NL, IDP-show)?CAC NOM Best in ShowMemento
2007-11-24(FI)Bjarne WikströmCAGCIB BIVDesperado
2007-11-25(FI)Tellervo KassCAGCIBDesperado
2007-12-15Batalha (PT)Lili AnciauCAC NOM BISSyriana
2007-12-16Batalha (PT)Kristiina RautioCAC BIV NOM BOXSyriana
2007Skogkatt of the Yearkitten#1Syriana
2007Suomen Kissaliitto rycategory II junior#1Desperado
2007Norjalainen Metsäkissa ryjunior#1Desperado
2007Norjalainen Metsäkissa ryadult#1Desperado
2007InCat ryjunior#1Desperado
2007POH-KIS ryjunior#1Desperado
2008-04-12Vaasa (FI)Kristiina RautioCAGCIB GIC NOMDesperado, BIS breeding male
2008-04-13Vaasa (FI)Anne Paloluoma-SundholmCACE NOMDesperado, BIS breeding male
2008-04-26Helsinki (FI)Lena NordströmCACE BIV NOMDesperado
2008-04-27Helsinki (FI)Leslie van GrebstCACE BIV NOMDesperado, BIS Breeding male
2008-05-17Tammerfors (FI)Dorte KaaeEx2Desperado, BIS Breeding male
2008-05-18Tammerfors (FI)Luigi ComorioEx3(3)Desperado, BIS Breeding male
2008-06-28Siilinjärvi (FI)?CACE BIV NOMDesperado, BIS Breeding male
2008-06-29Siilinjärvi (FI)?BIS Breeding maleDesperado
2009-07-04Kempele (FI)Alfred WittichCACS BIV, BIS Breeding maleDesperado
2009-07-05Kempele (FI); 2nd Best Breeding maleDesperado
2009-09-19/20NyköpingRaymond SaetreCACSDesperado
2010-05-22Tallin (EE)Elena ZagorskayaCACS BIV Supreme ChampionDesperado
2010-10-02Seinäjoki (FI)Lene GlemCAPDesperado
2010-11-27Turku (FI)Olga KomissarovaCAP NOMDesperado
2010-11-28Turki (FI)Raymond A SaetreCAP Premier NOMDesperado
2011-01-29Lahti (FI)Marjatta KoskenkangasCAPIB NOMDesperado
2011-01-30Lahti (FI)Magdalena KudraCAPIB BIV NOMDesperado
2011-02-26Tallinn (EE)Angelika KneifelCAPIB IP BIV NOM BISDesperado
2011-02-27Tallinn (EE)Marina VinkelCAGPIBDesperado
2011-04-02Seinäjoki (FI)Tellervo KassCAGPIB NOMDesperado
2011-04-03Seinäjoki (FI)Bjarne WikströmCAGPIBDesperado
2011-04-16Turku (FI)Dorte KaaeCAGPIB NOMDesperado
2011-04-17Turku (FI)Anette SjödinCAGPIBDesperado
2011-04-23Helsinki (FI)Mario OttinoCAGPIB NOM BIS-breeding maleDesperado
2011-04-24Helsinki (FI)Henry HornellCAGPIB NOM BIS-breeding maleDesperado
2011-05-14Tampere (FI)Sebastian PruchniakCAGPIB GIP BIV BIS-breeding maleDesperado
2011-05-15Tampere (FI)Annelie PerssonCAPS BIV NOM BIS-breeding maleDesperado
2011-06-11Hyvinkää (FI)Lone LundCAPS NOMDesperado
2011-06-12Hyvinkää (FI)Bjarne WikströmCAPS NOMDesperado
2011-07-02Oulu (FI)Bjarne WikströmCAPS NOM BIS BIS-breeding maleDesperado
2011-07-03Oulu (FI)Mira FonsenCAPS NOM BIS-breeding maleDesperado
2011-07-30Espoo (FI)Stephane BernardCAPS BIV NOM DVM BIS-breeding male; Desperado
2011-07-31Espoo (FI)Andreas WoelmCAPS OM BIS BIS-breeding maleDesperado
2011-09-03Tampere (FI)Gerardo FragaCAPS BIS-breeding maleDesperado
2011-09-04Tampere (FI)Aase NissenCAPS BIV NOMDesperado
2011-09-10/11Uppsala (SW-show)Vesna Riznar-ReseticEx2Desperado
2011-09-24Kokkola (FI)?BIS-breeding maleDesperado
2011-09-25Kokkola (FI)Sirpa LindelöfCAPSDesperado
2013-02-23Tallinn (EE)Yan Roca-FolchCAPS Supreme PremierDesperado
2013-02-24Tallinn (EE)Elena ZagorskajaHP BIV NOMDesperado

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