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S*Restless Oracle

Black tortie silver blotched tabby,
NFO fs 22, female

Owner: Carolina Cervin - S*Zarkesha's, carolina@zarkeshas.se

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Oracle eleven weeks old. She has been the most grown up all along. Her playfulness seem to be inherited from her mother, who was really wild before she became an adult.


Oracle nine weeks old. She has a special look that we just love! This look also won the love of the future host for Oracle, so we will have the opportunity to keep our beautiful girl in our cattery for one litter. Something we have dreamt of since Oracle was very young.

Oracle seven weeks old.


Oracle five weeks old. As the second largest in the litter, she seldom loose a fight with her siblings.

Oracle three weeks old. She has become such a sweet girl with a very nice bone structure. I just love her look!


A profile shot of Oracle one day old. As number four born I was glad to see that it was a silver tortie girl. She was heavier than her older siblings, with a birth weight of 105g. Her mother gave her a thorough wash!