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The quotes below (if given) are intended to give a general impression of the cat, and are not necessarily the best quote from each show. The quotes are in their original language, and are verbatim.

For explanations of the various abbreviations, visit this page.

2008-04-27StenkullenKristiina RautioEx3(3)Grr Argh
2008-04-27StenkullenRaymond SaetreEx2(2)Pointed Tooth Fairy
2008-04-27StenkullenAnne KøhnEx1Big Bad
2008-04-27StenkullenJörgen FrithiofBISBuffySpeak-litter
2008-05-24HässleholmNurit PahlEx2(2)Pointed Tooth Fairy (judge's favourite)
2008-05-25HässleholmVesna Riznar ReseticEx1(2) BIV 3-10 NOM BISPointed Tooth Fairy
2008-07-12? (DE)Jette Eva MadsenEx1(2)Big Bad
2008-08-16KristianstadBjarne WikströmEx1(3) BIV 3-10 NOMPointed Tooth Fairy
2008-08-17KristianstadAnne Gro EdströmEx2(3)Pointed Tooth Fairy
2008-08-30Bocholt (DE)RossiEx1 BIV 3-10Big Bad
2008-08-30/31SW08 Rolvsøy (NO)Satu HämäläinenEx2(2)Pointed Tooth Fairy
2008-10-04Schwerin (DE)Minna KroghEx1Big Bad
2008-10-18HöganäsBette LindEx1 BIV 3-10 NOM BISPointed Tooth Fairy
2008-11-02GöteborgBette LindEx1Pointed Tooth Fairy
2008-11-22Flensburg (DE)Britta BusseCAC BIVBig Bad
2008-11-23Flensburg (DE)Jette-Eva MadsenCACBig Bad
2009-02-14MölndalBette LindCAC BIV 3-6+APointed Tooth Fairy
2009-02-21Hamburg (DE)Charles SpijkerCAPBig Bad
2009-04-18MalmöRaymond SaetreEx2(2)Pointed Tooth Fairy
2009-04-19MalmöGeir EdvardsenCACPointed Tooth Fairy
2009-04-25VärnamoStephen JonesCAC(4) Champion BIV NOMPointed Tooth Fairy (judge's favourite)
2009-05-10Frederiksberg (DK)Jette Eva MadsenCACIB NOM BISPointed Tooth Fairy
2009-08-29Husum (DE)Stephe BruinCAPBig Bad
2009-08-30Husum (DE)KrizCAP PremierBig Bad
2009-10-24/25St Gallen (CH)Karl PreissCAPIB BIV NOMBig Bad (FIFé World show)
2009-11-21Dinslaken (DE)Andreas WölmCAPIB NOMBig Bad
2009-12-05Gelting (DE)Flavia CapraCAPIB IPBig Bad
2009-12-06Gelting (DE)Eric ReijersCAGPIB NOMBig Bad
2010-03-28Grömitz (DE)Hannah JensenCAGPIB NOMBig Bad
2010-04-17Szczecin (PL)Britta BusseCAGPIB NOMBig Bad
2010-04-18Szczecin (PL)NemkovaCAGPIB NOMBig Bad
2010-07-25Breining (DK)Britta BusseCAGPIBBig Bad
2010-10-10Neustadt (DE)Alexander PlatzCAGPIB GIP NOMBig Bad

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