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The quotes below (if given) are intended to give a general impression of the cat, and are not necessarily the best quote from each show. The quotes are in their original language, and are verbatim.

For explanations of the various abbreviations, visit this page.

2011-01-29ÖrebroAliosha RomeroEx1 BIV 3-10 NOMMuffin Buffalo
2011-02-12MölndalHannah JensenEx2Pink Flamingo
2011-02-12MölndalHannah JensenEx1 BIV-tMuffin Buffalo #3 TOP5
2011-03-13Recklinghausen (DE) WCFPeter VestjensBISCocktail Bunny
2011-03-19Dietikon (CH)Ms MahelkovaEx1 BIVCrime Dog
2011-03-20Langerwehe (DE) WCFKitty de BruinBIS (NFO)Cocktail Bunny
2011-04-10MalmøRaymond SaetreEx1 BIV NOMMuffin Buffalo
2011-04-24Arnhem (NL)Maud JohanssonEx1 BIVKarma Chameleon
2011-05-14KristianstadKristiina RautioEx1 BIV-total NOMCocktail Bunny
2011-05-21BohusStephane BernardEx1 BIV-totMuffin Buffalo
2011-05-22BohusÅsa HammarlundEx1 BIV-tot NOMMuffin Buffalo
2011-06-18AlingsåsRaymond SaetreEx1Muffin Buffalo
2011-06-19AlingsåsAnne KøhnEx1Muffin Buffalo
2011-07-02TrelleborgFabrice CalmesEx1Pink Flamingo
2011-07-03TrelleborgSteph BruinEx1 NOMPink Flamingo
2011-07-16Usti Nad Labem (CZ)Berta NemcovaEx1 NOMCrime Dog
2011-07-17Usti Nad Labem (CZ)Hanne-Sofie SneumEx1 NOM BISCrime Dog
2011-08-13HelsingborgAliosha RomeroEx1 BIV-totalPink Flamingo
2011-08-13Darmstadt (DE)Alexander PlatzEx1Crime Dog
2011-08-14Darmstadt (DE)Dorte KaaeEx1 BIV NOMCrime Dog
2011-08-28BoråsHannah JensenCAC NOMMuffin Buffalo
2011-09-10Pinneberg (DE)Dieter FillerCACCocktail Bunny
2011-09-11Pinneberg (DE)Ietje Röhr-DubbeldCACCocktail Bunny
2011-09-24? (DK)Aase NissenCACCrime Dog
2011-10-08LundHelene ReiterCAC BIVMuffin Buffalo
2011-10-09LundMichael EdströmCAC BIV NOMMuffin Buffalo
2011-11-05Oslo (N)Donatella MastrangeloCACIBMuffin Buffalo
2011-11-06Oslo (N)Kristin LütkenCACIBMuffin Buffalo
2012-02-11MölndalLene GlemCACIB IC BIV-tot

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